New for 2016

New for 2016

MD Diagnostics are pleased to announce the introduction of the new RP Check a portable device for the rapid assessment of Inspiratory and Expiratory muscle strength.

The RP Check is the only device to offer an instant display of pressure generated as well as the derived parameters of PMax (Maximum achieved pressure),  MRPD (Maximum Rate of Pressure Development),  MRR (Maximum Relaxation Rate) as well as a QC check (Pav/Pmax) and the Pressure/Time curve.

A full report with measured parameters as well as predicted values and the Pressure/Time graphs of all the patient tests is easily available via the data upload feature.

This simple to use device has a unique disposable filter/valve allowing infection free rapid testing.

The RP check will be available for demonstration during Medica and to customers early in 2016.

Please come and see this unique device in Hall 16 Booth G24-1