CO Screen

  •   Results instantly displayed
  •   Results displayed in %COHb or ppm for easy interpretation
  •   No warm up time required
  •   Can be used on multiple patients with minimal effort (mouthpiece must be disposed of between patients)
  •   Configurable breath hold time dependent on operator preferences ranging from 0 to 20 seconds


Carbon Monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas, making its presence difficult to detect.

CO Screen has been designed to enable emergency service responders to carry out a simple breath test to establish carbon monoxide levels in a subject’s blood.
When dealing with CO, time is critical. In the blood stream Carbon Monoxide has an affinity with haemoglobin some 200 times greater than Oxygen. When this happens, the blood is no longer able to carry oxygen, and this lack of oxygen causes the body’s cells and tissue to die.
CO Screen will give instant breath results in %COHb and PPM. Both measurements are backed up with colour traffic lights for immediate visual display.

The new CO Screen, a rapid assessment of Carbon Monoxide poisoning for Emergency Services and First Emergency Responders.


CO Screen - Breath Test Experts


    • Results instantly displayed
    • Results displayed in %COHb or ppm for easy interpretation
    • No warm up time required
    • Can be used on multiple patients with minimal effort (mouthpiece must be disposed of between patients)
    • Configurable breath hold time dependent on operator preferences ranging from  0 to 20 seconds
    • Configurable light indicator dependent on operator preference
    • Hard shelled carrycase with mouthpieces for easy storage and transportation.
    • Simple push button calibration


    “Just hours after installation and the first uses already were emerging: poisoning fire smoke, poisoning suspected CO in a home or using the balance sheet, all indications in which CO is SCREEN Revealed! In this respect, we note that there are more errors reading and transcription of data: the result being obtained directly as %COHb, it’s perfect.

    So, the positives include:

    • Aid measure by the very explicit icons
    • Speed ​​and reproducibility of the measurement
    • A wide range of measurement (useful on severe CO poisoning
    • By using the LEDs indicating the level of intoxication (very useful, we have correlated with the appropriate care, I can send you the reminder that goes with CO
    • Ergonomics allowing implementation with one hand and easy reading on big screen
    • Easy management of energy a single stack to predict and change
    • Easy maintenance
    • A rate that remains in the price range of other ‘like’ devices

    Health and Medical Rescue Service, France”

    Product FeaturesCO Check +CO Check Baby +CO Check PROCO Check PRO BabyCO Screen
    Catalogue numberCO10CO15CO20CO30CO50
    Breath hold countdown
    (user configurable)
    Instantly displays results
    Displays CO in parts per million
    Displays %COHb
    Foetal Carboxyhaemoglobin
    % FCOHb
    Traffic light indicators of CO levels
    (user configurable)
    Suitable for use with SafeBreath ® mouthpieces
    Suitable for general smoking cessation
    Suitable for smoking cessation in pregnancy
    Suitable for screening for CO poisoning useful in occupational settings and A & E departments.
    Supplied with hard shell carry case
    Supplied with soft fabric pouch carry bag
    Measures Environmental CO levels

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