CO Check Baby Breath Tester

CO Check Baby Breath Tester

The CO Check Baby has been designed specifically for midwives working in smoking cessation to quickly and efficiently carry out breath tests whilst providing fast accurate results.

Ease of use is key in a busy smoking cessation clinic – from a single breath the results are instantly displayed in parts per million (PPM) and % carboxyhaemoglobin (%COHb), clear visual guidance is also provided with coloured red, yellow and green indicators dependent on the concentration  of exhaled carbon monoxide, indicating if the person is a non-smoker, light smoker, or heavy smoker.

The CO Check Baby will also provide the level of foetal carboxyhaemoglobin. There is a clear correlation between the exhaled carbon monoxide on the pregnant mothers breath and that of the % carboxyhaemoglobin in the foetal blood supply (%FCOHb).

Additionally the CO Check Baby is also capable of detecting environmental CO levels. When the Environmental Capture is enabled, background CO levels are taken into account when carrying out a breath test. If the background levels are 10ppm for example, then when the person is taking a breath test this background reading of 10ppm will be taken into account. Environmental levels are displayed in PPM.

It is widely accepted and acknowledged a non-smoker will perform a test and will display a level of 6ppm or less. A light smoker will perform a test and have a reading between 7 – 10ppm. A smoker will perform a test and have a reading of between 11 – 20ppm and a heavy smoker will display a reading of 21ppm or more.


  • Results instantly displayed
  • Measurement of foetal carboxyhaemoglobin levels
  • Single press button to toggle between mothers expired level (ppm) and foetal carboxyhaemoglobin (%FCOHb) level
  • Breath hold countdown timer to guide patients
  • Coloured light indicators to signify smoking level
  • %FCOHb light indicators – Green or Red dependent on levels recorded
  • Measurement of environmental CO levels
  • Supplied with Safebreath mouthpieces to ensure a complete hygiene concept


“We have been using a large number of CO Check Baby and CO Check Pro monitors in helping people to quit smoking and have found them easy to use with excellent support along the way – Health Improvement Nurse, Vulnerable Groups – Scotland.”

“We have been using the CO Check Baby Monitors for some years now and following minor teething problems, with good support have found them to be accurate and effective. Midwifery Teams Midwifery Manager – Hampshire – UK.”

“I have been using the CO Check Baby for breath testing pregnant women that smoke and have found it to be an invaluable tool, MD Diagnostics have shown amazing support to us as a large team of Midwives” – Smoking and Pregnancy Specialist Midwife – Dorset – UK.

Product Features CO Check + CO Check + Baby CO Check PRO CO Check PRO Baby CO Screen
Catalogue number CO10 CO15 CO20 CO30 CO50
Breath hold countdown
(user configurable)
Instantly displays results
Displays CO in parts per million
Displays %COHb
Foetal Carboxyhaemoglobin
Traffic light indicators of CO levels
(user configurable)
Suitable for use with SafeBreath mouthpieces
Suitable for use with EcoStraws
Suitable for general smoking cessation
Suitable for smoking cessation in pregnancy
Suitable for screening for CO poisoning useful in occupational settings and,A & E departments.
Supplied with hard shell carry case
Supplied with soft fabric pouch carry bag
Measures Environmental CO levels and is a tick for ALL products

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