Safebreath (TM) - MD Diagnostics

Safebreath (TM) – MD Diagnostics

Single patient use mouthpieces – Protecting your patients; Your device and the environment

Designed to achieve maximum hygiene results without the need for additional adaptors and the minimal use of plastics. SafeBreath™ mouthpieces are the ideal solution for all aspects of exhaled carbon monoxide measurements in smoking cessation, pre-operative assessment departments, and CO screening.

The filters have been independently tested and have a proven bacterial and viral efficacy >99% * ensuring optimal patient infection prevention and minimal cross contamination

SafeBreath™ filtered disposable mouthpieces are supplied in handy dispenser boxes containing 200 single use mouthpieces. SafeBreath™ mouthpieces have been designed to use the minimal amount of plastic whilst ensuring patient cross infection needs are addressed.

SafeBreath™ mouthpieces remove the need for using additional plastic adaptors or plastic mouthpieces reducing plastic waste and the environmental impact it has.



  • Protects both patients and CO monitors
  • Proven bacterial/viral efficacy > 99%
  • Suitable for use with all MD Diagnostic CO monitors
  • Reduces the need for additional plastic adaptors or mouthpieces traditionally used with CO monitors
  • Supplied in convenient dispenser boxes.
  • * Independently tested by the Health Protection Agency Report No.


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