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The RP Check Monitor designed for respiratory physiologists and respiratory physiotherapists to assess respiratory muscle strength and weakness.

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A single inhaled, and then exhaled breath from the patient
will instantly display results in MIP, MEP & SNIP.

Instant graphical readings

These results can be displayed in graphical format analysis
on both the handheld monitors screen, and in PDF printable form off your computer.



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    We appreciate the concerns of viral and bacterial cross contamination is very high on the list for users of this type of product, we are pleased to state we can offer innovative single-use T-piece mouthpieces for each patient to use, +99% efficacy can now be achieved.

    Features & Specifications

    Stopwatch feature.

    Live operator guidance as to when a good mouth pressure test has been performed.

    If the minimum exhalation time (1.5 seconds) has not been achieved, then a stopwatch icon is displayed prompting the operator to repeat the test.

    Parameters measured (displayed in cmH2O):
    Mouth pressures:
    MEP   –  Maximum expiratory pressure
    MIP     –  Maximum inspiratory pressure
    Pmax   – Peak pressure
    MRPD  – Maximum rate of pressure development
    MRR    –  Maximum rate of relaxation
    Nasal pressure:
    SNIP  – sniff  nasal inspiratory pressure

    Fully compliant.
    Full ATS standards for mouth pressures

    • Proud to be UK designed and engineered
    • 5 Year warranty
    • Dedicated support