Dental CO Carbon Monoxide Breath Monitor

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Addressing tobacco use with patients should be a priority for all members of the dental team and will result in improved oral health and outcomes for patients. It is important for dental professionals to be aware of simple techniques for motivating patients who smoke to quit, informing them of the availability of evidence-based treatments such as quit smoking medications and counselling support.

The Dental CO is a fully featured breath Carbon Monoxide monitor for the rapid assessment of smoking status. After a single breath the Dental CO will instantly give results in PPM and %COHb.

Smoking affects the entire body and its function. More specifically, the direct contact of harmful toxins with the mouth inevitably causes serious oral health consequences. Smokers are at higher risk of developing tooth decay, tooth staining, gum disease, and in more severe cases oral cancers.

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Dental professionals have a unique opportunity to address smoking with patients in a manner that will make a difference. Brief advice from a dentist or member of the dental team has been shown to increase a patient’s motivation to quit and can double a patient’s success with quitting.