CO Check +

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A single breath will instantly display results on the large screen in CO part per million (PPM) or % Carboxyhaemoglobin (%COHb) – the amount of carbon monoxide attached to your red blood cells represented as a percentage.
Users are guided to hold their breath with a count down timer and then encouraged to exhale with an on-screen blow icon to assist testing compliance.
The CO Check + comes complete with all accessories, CO level and %COHb guide chart and is supplied in a soft shell carry case for easy transport.

Additionally, the CO Check + is capable of detecting environmental CO levels. When the Environmental Capture is enabled, background CO levels are taken into account when carrying out a breath test, allowing any possible environmental exposure to be clearly identified. Environmental levels are displayed in PPM.

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The CO Check + has been specifically designed as a low-cost screening device for smoking cessation.