Many thanks to all the delegates who visited our stand at the UKNSCC. A great deal of interest was shown in the SafeBreath filtered mouthpiece and the fact plastic adapters and D pieces are a thing of the past!

Congratulations to Sarah Martin from Ashford Stop Smoking Service for entering and winning our competition, your prize is on its way!

The correct answers to the prize draw questions were as follows:
True or False: When using SafeBreath™ you no longer need a plastic D piece?  Answer: YES
True or False: All CO monitors need to be calibrated? Answer: YES
True or False: SafeBreath™ protects the subject against both bacteria and viruses? Answer: YES




Launch of the SafeBreath™ mouthpiece.

Today the UKNSCC in London sees the official launch of the SafeBreath™ mouthpiece.


SafeBreath is a unique solution to potential cross infection when carrying out Carbon Monoxide breath testing. SafeBreath offers a combined filter and cardboard mouthpiece with >99% protection against both bacteria and viruses.

Why use SafeBreath?

  1.  It is cleaner and safer.
  2.  >99% protection against both bacteria and viruses.
  3.  No need to spend money on expensive D pieces or plastic mouthpiece adapters.
  4.  No more cleaning of your D piece or plastic adapters.
  5.  Supplied in an easy to use dispenser box of 200 pieces.
  6.  Simplicity when performing a CO breath test.

The UK Nicotine & Smoking Cessation Conference is the world's leading event for the smoking cessation field. Today and tomorrow will again bring world-class speakers to present and discuss the very latest in clinical, research and policy developments. We are proud to offer our continued support to this prestigious event.

Rapid assessment of Carbon Monoxide poisoning for Emergency Services and First Emergency Responders

April see’s the official launch of CO Screen. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, making its presence difficult to detect. CO Screen has been designed to enable emergency service responders to carry out a simple breath test to establish carbon monoxide levels in a subject’s blood. 

  The MD Diagnostics new device - The CO Screen  

 The MD Diagnostics new device - The CO Screen 

Emergency service responders can carry out a simple breath test to establish carbon monoxide levels in a subject’s blood 

Emergency service responders can carry out a simple breath test to establish carbon monoxide levels in a subject’s blood 

CO Screen will give instant breath results in %COHb and PPM. Both measurements are backed up with colour traffic lights for immediate visual display

Reaching far with the H2 Check

The Nobel Laboratory in the world heritage site of Esfahan province Iran, located some 300 kilometres from Tehran have announced the introduction to its services of the H2 Check. 

The Nobel Lab is one of the country’s leading clinics to offer walk in diagnosis and treatment of Lactose Intolerance. Along with other Hi tech devices the Nobel Lab is TUV and ISO certifiied and offer a specialist array of testing.

Working in conjunction with our partner, Farayand Pardazeshgaran Atyeh (F.P.A Co. Ltd.) our sole representative based in Tehran, we wish them all the best on this developing project.

New for 2016

New for 2016

MD Diagnostics are pleased to announce the introduction of the new RP Check a portable device for the rapid assessment of Inspiratory and Expiratory muscle strength.

The RP Check is the only device to offer an instant display of pressure generated as well as the derived parameters of PMax (Maximum achieved pressure),  MRPD (Maximum Rate of Pressure Development),  MRR (Maximum Relaxation Rate) as well as a QC check (Pav/Pmax) and the Pressure/Time curve.

A full report with measured parameters as well as predicted values and the Pressure/Time graphs of all the patient tests is easily available via the data upload feature.

This simple to use device has a unique disposable filter/valve allowing infection free rapid testing.

The RP check will be available for demonstration during Medica and to customers early in 2016.

Please come and see this unique device in Hall 16 Booth G24-1

UK Nicotine & Smoking Cessation Conference

The 2015 UKNSCC took place in a sunny Manchester UK on June 11 – 12th. The world’s largest event for smoking cessation brought together world class speakers to present and discuss the very latest in clinical, research and policy developments. 

Topics included electronic cigarettes and young people, stop smoking medications plus a keynote presentation from Professor Simon Gilbody on Smoking cessation for people with severe mental ill health: what works and how should we deliver services?

We were again pleased to be part of the event and congratulations to Claire Mackenzie from Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust for entering and winning our competition! Your prize is on its way!

The correct answers to the prize draw questions were as follows:­ 

1) True or False: The CO Check range are the only CO monitors to be manufactured in the UK? - Answer: True

2) True or False: All CO Monitors need to be calibrated? - Answer: True

3) True or False: The CO Check DL can continually monitor CO levels in Homes and Cars for up to one month? - Answer: True 

The London Evening Standard

Breath tests for mothers to warn of smoking risk to unborn babies.


HEALTH IMPACT: mIDWIFE lOGAN VAN lessen with co check baby

HEALTH IMPACT: mIDWIFE lOGAN VAN lessen with co check baby

Pregnant women in London will undergo breath tests to reduce the risk from smoking and traffic pollution to hundreds of unborn children.

The Whittington is understood to be the first hospital trust in the capital to breath-check mothers-to-be. Midwives will offer the test to all mothers using the CO Check Baby. Figures show that maternal smoking is to blame for more than 2,000 premature births and 5,000 miscarriages every year in the UK. The aim of breath checks is also to detect the hidden harms of second-hand smoke and traffic pollution on unborn children.

Those who do smoke or have a high carbon monoxide reading will be given help to quit or advice on the dangers of passive smoking. Consultant midwife Logan Van Lessen said the aim was not to “preach” but to educate women and to get them support to quit.

The pilot will run for six months and it is hoped other trusts will adopt the tests. Ms Van Lessen told the Standard: “We know people don’t tell us the truth about smoking but this isn’t about preaching to women. It’s about having a conversation about smoking behaviour and debunking myths. Pregnant women spend more time at home which means more time with family members smoking around them.”



MD Diagnostics Ltd has moved!


From May 5th 2015 MD Diagnostics has relocated its head office to larger premises. The move will allow us much needed space for the launch of new devices and consumables soon to be announced. 
Remaining with-in the prestigious Turkey Mill estate grounds our full address details are:
MD Diagnostics Ltd
15 Hollingworth Court
Turkey Mill
Ashford Road
Kent ME14 5PP
United Kingdom
T.   + 44 (0) 1622 682686 
F.   + 44 (0) 1622 681693

ASH Wales Conference 2014

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff – September 18th & 19th

Tackling health inequalities through tobacco control was the key emphasis for all health care professionals that attended. Subjects ranged from protecting children from second hand smoke at home, exposure to smoke in cars and navigating the minefield of research and regulations into e-cigarettes. Again, it was a pleasure to support this bi-annual event in a very sunny Cardiff City and being able to show the delegates our range of CO Check devices.

Public Health England Annual Conference 2014

Warwick University – September 16th & 17th

The conference brought together those working in public health, from
local and national government, academia, industry, the voluntary and
community sector, the NHS and internationally, to share knowledge and learn from each other. We were pleased to be able to show many delegates the CO Check range including the new CO Check DL. 



The 2014 UK National Smoking Cessation Conference took place in London on June 12th ­13th. The UKNSCC is the world’s largest event for the smoking cessation field, and this year brought together world­class speakers to present the very latest in clinical, research and policy developments.

We were proud to help sponsor the event and in
addition display our range of CO Check devices. Many thanks to Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Control Lead from Public Health England who helped pick the winner from our prize draw. Congratulation to Fran Fahy, Health Promotion Lead at South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust who won the luxury Tea Hamper from Fortnam & Mason.

The correct answers to the prize draw questions were as follows:­

1) True ­ The CO Check range are the only CO monitors to be manufactured in the UK. 2) True ­ All CO Monitors need to be calibrated.
3) True ­ The new CO Check DL can monitor CO virtually anywhere for up to a month. 


ICM Prague 2014

June 1st – 5th saw the picturesque city of Prague, Czech Republic host the International Conference of Midwives. This 30th Triennial Congress brought together more than 3000 Midwives from across the world with the target message of improving woman’s health globally.

A poster was presented by Maeve O’Connell, St. Thomas Hospital, Kings College London, Nursing and Midwifery, UK titled “Midwives experience of the use of carbon monoxide testing for smoking cessation in pregnancy”

The detrimental effects of smoking in pregnancy for mother and child have
been well documented. The reduction of smoking in pregnancy is therefore a key target for Midwives world­wide.

We were happy to support Maeve in her presentation where the CO Check Baby was an integral part on the day. 


UKNSCC Conference Update

With over 400 delegates in attendance from all over the globe made this year’s meeting in the heart of London a great success. Presentations were given from practitioners that focus on the policy and practice of helping smokers to stop.

The talk given by Health Programme Advisor Ms Tracy Rowland on “Environmental carbon monoxide influences smoke free homes” was well attended at one of the parallel sessions.
Supporting the presentation and poster session was the CO Check Baby with “live” Environmental CO Capture.

The UKNSCC will be back in London in 2014 and we look forward to the world’s largest event for Smoking Cessation and seeing the progress that has been made as a result of this year’s meeting. 

ASH Scotland Conference Update

The CO Check Baby, with live Environmental CO Capture, was the talking point in a parallel presentation that took place on Friday morning in a sunny Edinburgh. Tracy Rowland, a Health Programme Advisor in Maternity, presented her case study which was very well received by an audience of Smoking Cessation Advisors. This case study can now be downloaded in the form of a poster by clicking here. (PDF) 

June 2013 see’s the launch of the H2 Check!


Adding to its range of breath gas analysis products, we are pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated H2 Check!

Taking H2 breath testing to new unequalled heights, this innovative hand held device allows the simple detection of Lactose Intolerance along with other Gastroenterology disorders. 

The prevalence of primary lactose deficiency varies according to age and race. It is though estimated to affect around 75% of the world population.

World­wide distribution partners are welcome to enquire about this unique product. 

ASH Scotland Conference 2013– Towards a generation free from Tobacco

Edinburgh June 20th and 21st see’s this engaging and interactive international conference that will look at the ideas and actions that will drive us towards a generation free from tobacco – a time when ideally the only people smoking would be the small number of adults who knowingly choose to do so.

We are pleased to support ASH Scotland in this event and will be taking an active role in poster and parallel presentations featuring the new CO Check Pro Baby with Environmental CO Capture.