Launch of the SafeBreath™ mouthpiece.

Today the UKNSCC in London sees the official launch of the SafeBreath™ mouthpiece.


SafeBreath is a unique solution to potential cross infection when carrying out Carbon Monoxide breath testing. SafeBreath offers a combined filter and cardboard mouthpiece with >99% protection against both bacteria and viruses.

Why use SafeBreath?

  1.  It is cleaner and safer.
  2.  >99% protection against both bacteria and viruses.
  3.  No need to spend money on expensive D pieces or plastic mouthpiece adapters.
  4.  No more cleaning of your D piece or plastic adapters.
  5.  Supplied in an easy to use dispenser box of 200 pieces.
  6.  Simplicity when performing a CO breath test.

The UK Nicotine & Smoking Cessation Conference is the world's leading event for the smoking cessation field. Today and tomorrow will again bring world-class speakers to present and discuss the very latest in clinical, research and policy developments. We are proud to offer our continued support to this prestigious event.