We have been granted patent approved for our SafeBreath® in the USA

Posted on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 at 2:36 pm and is filed under Latest News | 0

MD Diagnostics are delighted to announce that we have been granted patent approved for our SafeBreath ® in the USA. US 11,577,041.
SafeBreath ® is a ‘one piece’ solution offering 99% efficacy against BOTH viruses and bacteria. So why risk a two-part solution at a lower viral efficacy?

The primary function is to filter bacteria and viruses from patient exhalation when connected to and used in conjunction with a breath gas monitor thus preventing patient cross contamination/infection.

SafeBreath ® has been tested for Viral efficacy using MS2 Coliphage as the Viral challenge. The Covid- 19 virus has a diameter of approximately 125 nanometres. This compares with the 24 nanometres of the challenge used in the testing of SafeBreath ® ensuring peace of mind when using CO breath monitors.

Patent confirmation