SafeBreath® filtered disposable cardboard mouthpieces gain in popularity over plastic mouthpieces.

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SafeBreath® - MD DIagnostics

Safebreath(TM) – MD DIagnostics

SafeBreath® filtered mouthpieces have a filter membrane with a bacterial and viral efficacy > 99% and have been independently tested by the Health Protection Agency. More and more healthcare professionals are switching to SafeBreath mouthpieces and this is for numerous reasons:

  • An increased awareness of infection prevention in all forms of breath testing. Using filters is common practice when performing lung function tests, so why would it not be appropriate when testing patients for breath carbon monoxide tests in smoking cessation or other breath tests?
  • Many smoking cessation professionals are being guided by their infection prevention leads who actively have encouraged the use of a proven filtered, single patient use, disposable, mouthpiece ensures the greatest level of protection to both patients and devices.
  • The use of mouthpiece adaptors that can be used for multiple patients or for a set period of time (for example one month) is becoming unpopular for many reasons:
    • what is the rationale for a monthly time period?
    • are they truly safe after the first patient has been tested?
    • additional adaptors are viewed as an additional unnecessary cost
    • adaptors mean more use of plastic
    • An increased social and environmental awareness that the use of single use plastics is costly, unnecessary and environmentally damaging. Single use plastics are being stopped by many companies due to their detrimental impact on the environment. SafeBreath mouthpieces use the minimal amount of plastic to achieve maximum patient safety whilst reducing the environmental impact single use plastics have.