ERS Conference Paris 15 – 19th Sept Paris, Stand G.08

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Carbon Monoxide Breath Tester

Carbon Monoxide Breath Tester

We are also pleased to be able to exhibit our new RP Check – Respiratory Pressure Meter. The RP Check is a portable handheld device that will measure both mouth and nasal pressures (MIP, MEP and SNIP) and the additional parameters of Pmax, MRPD (maximum rate of pressure development) and MRR (maximum rate of relaxation) for the assessment of respiratory muscle strength/weakness. Providing instant results on the large backlit display with individual pressure traces and measurements stored for later review and upload to the RP Check software, for creation of a PDF report along with predicted values of MIP, MEP and SNIP.

Key features of the RP Check:

Small, portable and lightweight
Memory for 10 tests of the last patient for creation of report
Large backlit display
Measurements instantly displayed
Individual Pressure traces of each test performed
USB connectivity to PC software for PDF report
Choice of Predicted values

Parameters measured/calculated:

  • MIP
  • MEP
  • SNIP
  • Pmax
  • MRPD
  • MRR

Perfect for all pulmonary clinics, respiratory physiotherapists, bedside and clinic, pulmonary rehabilitation and preoperative respiratory muscle assessments.