COVID 19 & SafeBreath

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We hope you are safe and well during these difficult times.



Infection control has always been of paramount importance to us, in both the design of our equipment and their accessories. As a result, SafeBreath filtered mouthpieces have become the mouthpiece of choice for smoking cessation advisors and first responders around the world. SafeBreath is the only smoking cessation mouthpiece to provide greater than 99% viral and bacterial infection control.

If you are not currently using SafeBreath just ask for your free sample pack.
SafeBreath – no other mouthpiece or D piece adaptor combination meets these requirements

  • Independently tested by the U.K Health Protection Agency (HPA Report 15/015)
  • Bacterial filtration efficacy 99.97%
  • Viral filtration efficacy 99.67%
  • Environmentally friendly – main material cardboard, using the minimal amount of plastic.
  • Challenge tested on flow rates much greater than would be reached during routine carbonmonoxide and hydrogen breath testing.
  • Cost effective compared to competitive products used in smoking cessation – resulting in lower running costs for your service. (0.22p compared to competitors 0.75p per test – ask for details)

If your current devices do not accept SafeBreath filtered mouthpieces, and use adaptors that are either single patient use or claim can be used multiple times for testing over many weeks then please contact us to discuss device “trade in” options to ensure you are using Gold Standard infection control.

CO Breath testing under current government guidelines is suspended, when it resumes remember..

If you’re not using SafeBreath, then it is not a safe breath for

Patients or providers!

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