MD Diagnostics Ltd design, manufacture and market Carbon Monoxide monitors for breath and environmental CO monitoring as well as Hydrogen breath monitors.

The CO breath monitor can be used for smoking cessation as well as Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The new CO Check DL can monitor and log second hand smoke levels, for example to demonstrate levels of CO caused by smoking in cars and common areas in shared accommodation. A full range of breath Carbon Monoxide monitors include the CO Check Baby specifically designed for midwives to assess smoking in pregnancy by measuring the foetal carboxyhaemoglobin level. The range also includes the low cost CO Check + and full featured CO Check Pro.

New for 2016 sees the launch of CO Screen, a rapid assessment of Carbon Monoxide poisoning for Emergency Services and First Emergency Responders.

The H2 Check measures breath Hydrogen which is an indicator of Lactose intolerance and other gastro-intestinal disorders and is the most competitively priced H2 monitor on the market.

A full range of calibration gases, disposable mouthpieces and supporting consumables are supplied as well as the quickest service and support direct from the only UK manufacturer of breath monitoring devices.